How do I join?

You will first need to register on our club management system Manage My Match (or MMM). To sign up, please go to ManageMyMatch signup and click register and follow the instructions.

Once you have paid, a fob will be issued to you which will give you access to the club and court booking facility. Courts can be booked via the court booking machine in the club, or alternatively online via your MMM account.

Court sessions are usually 40 minutes and cost £2.50 during off-peak times and £3.80 during peak times (after 6pm).

Andy Booth is the current Membership Secretary and may be reached via the address on the membership form or by email at

Joining Fee

All new members have to pay a joining fee. This is not the case if you have been a member in the past. All playing members become members of England Squash.

Cost Membership Category
£50.00 Adult/Joint/Family
£12.00 Junior/Student
£0.00 Social member. Social members do not need to pay a joining fee. However a new social member has to be nominated by an existing club member (player or social) and ratified by the committee.


Cost Membership Category
£230.00 Family (Joint plus £10.00 for each child)
£230.00 Joint
£625.00 Joint (3 year)
£120.00 Adult
£325.00 Adult (3 year)
£35.00 Student (in full-time education)
£20.00 Junior (under 19 before 1 Oct of subscription year)
£45.00 Social member
£1250.00 Life subscription (One off payment. Player life members need to pay the current annual England Squash membership each year.)